Game Projects at Future Games

Game Project 3 – Fey Foray

7 weeks

Objective: Create a single player strategy game in Unity with a gameplay time of under 10 minutes.

New Engine: Unity

For our last project, our predetermined team was thrown into a wholly new engine – Unity. For us artists it was truly a crash course, but at the end of the project I can proudly say that we overcame this obstacle with surprising ease. Much of that I attribute to our great teamwork. We always felt comfortable asking each other questions, and we did – often!


Our team had the luck of the draw in terms of artists. We were all interested in different aspects and each had our own skills, which gave us space to focus on what we wanted to do the most. In my case, it was animation, VFX and rigging. With the large number of unique units it became quite the challenge!

21 Animations, 7 Rigs, 4 Weeks

Our game required seven unique units with three animations each. In the span of four weeks I completed all seven rigs and 21 animations.

I started out with very little experience in rigging, but seven rigs later I feel much more comfortable with it. I now also know how to create VFX in Unity in addition to UE4. The animations were a great exercise in sticking to the basics and the bigger picture instead of losing myself in details.

Team members

Andreja Cordéus Kavčič – Character Art, Concept art, 2D
Cecilia Örnholt – Character Animation, VFX
Julia Kollberg – Environment and Layout, Light, Props, Texturing
Alex Bergendorff – Game Design and Programming
Erik Martinsson – Game Design and Programming
Mattias Lundell – Game Design and Programming

Game Project 1 – Kitty Kicks

2 weeks

Objective: Create a “goofy” local multiplayer party game in UE4 with only one level.

Team members

Cecilia Örnholt – 3D Art
Petronella Olanders – 3D Art
Katarina Persson – 3D Art
Andreas Nilsson – Game Design
Lucas Nordström – Game Design
Johan Norr – Game Design

Game Project 2 – Bad Hare Day

4 weeks

Objective: Create a single player puzzle game in UE4 with a maximum gameplay time of 10 minutes. The game should be inspired by “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch.

This game project gave us much more freedom than the previous one. We had double the time and programmers joined our ranks. The greatest challenge was keeping a realistic scope in face of all this freedom. The artists also had to stick to being generalists, as the short amount of time didn’t allow for much specialization.

That did however allow me to sit down and draw concepts for the character. We wanted an appealing character that drew on the Bosch painting, and we ended up with a goat-bunny hybrid in a tattered monk’s robe.

Team members

Cecilia Örnholt – 3D Art
Ebba Bergman Thomson – 3D Art
Nicholas Lo – 3D Art
Marcus Bildtgård – Game Design
Joakim Johansson – Game Design
Alex Bergendorff – Game Design
David Liljefors – Programming
Gwangyeong Yun – Programming
Johannes Kemppainen – Programming

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